Faculty in the Department of MBA

S.No. Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation
1 Dr.K.Someshwer Rao M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D. Professor & Director
2 Mrs.Deepa Jayadevan MBA, M.Com. Asst.Professor
3 Mrs.T.Swetha MBA, M.A, Eng. Asst.Professor
4 Mrs. S.Madhavi Latha MBA, M.A. (Economics). Asst.Professor
5 Dr.B.Renuka Ph.D.MBA, M.Com, M.H R M., Asst.Professor
6 Dr.B.Anjan kumar Ph.D , MBA,M.Phil Asst.Professor
7 Mrs V. Santhi MBA, M.COM, Asst.Professor
8 Mr. Amba Prasad D MBA, M.Com. Asst.Professor
9 Mr. K.Sanjay Raj MBA, M.Com. Asst.Professor
10 Mrs. M.Soujanya MBA, M.Com. Asst.Professor
11 Mr. KVR. Murthy MBA. Asst.Professor
12 Ms.Sri chandana MBA. Asst.Professor
13 Mrs. T. Srilatha M.Lib, M.A, (English) Librarian

Administrative Office Staff

S.no Name Qualification Designation
1 Mr. R. Naresh B.Com. Sr.Assistant
2 Mr. Ch. Govardhan Reddy B.Com. Jr.Assistant
3 Mrs. A Shalini MBA. Jr.Assistant
4 Mrs. M. Vijaya Nirmala B.Sc, Bed Jr.Assistant
5 Mrs.S. Manjula BA Jr.Assistant
6 Mr. M Ravi Kumar BA Lab Assistant